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FOR LEGAL FIRMS -ActionStep is the way to go!

Now Online is a training and implementation provider for Actionstep. An online solutions designed for Legal firms.

Our experts will provide training and implementation on Actionstep so your legal firm can move to an online solution. 

By taking the step to move Online  you and your team will  have the ability to become even more forward thinking. We are here to help improve the efficiencies within your legal business as we have done for many others throughout New Zealand. We believe by setting your firm apart from the traditional legal firms, you will gain knowledge, retain clients and staff alike plus become a stand out firm that you will get noticed for.

By going cloud, you will save costs across your firm will from IT support, computer software and insurance savings to name a few.  Get online today by email me to start your online adventure.

AML/CFT (Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism) is now a large part of most legal firms. Now Online has developed an AML/CFT workflow add-on to Actionstep. To find out more information on this please watch this video link by clicking here and to arrange setup please email aml@nowonline.nz for the install link. *There is a one off cost of $660.00 plus GST to receive this AML/CFT add-on.